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“Alistair Cockburn is not just a methodologist, he is the only methodologist with the clarity of mind to set the standards for the rest of us.” – J. D. Krise (CSM, CSPO, PMP)

“AdvancedAgile with @TotherAlistair is like walking in as an agile Jedi then some dude with pointy horns pulls a double ended light sabre.” – Todd.

“Dare to explore new ideas.” – Julio Gonzales.

Katherine Hepburn : “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Mark Twain : “When I build a fire under a person, I do not do it merely because of the enjoyment I get out of seeing him fry, but because he is worth the trouble. It is then a compliment, a distinction; let him give thanks and keep quiet. I do not fry the small, the commonplace, the unworthy.” (Mark Twain, 2011 centennial autobiography edition, p221)

Welcome to the garden of memes. With over 3,000 pages: articles, blog posts, poems, videos, lectures, discussions, discussions: a labyrinth of criss-crossing paths for your enjoyment. Some random, some fun, some serious; some photos, some videos, some poems, some article, some notes to myself. “Get Lost!” as they say. (Oh, p.s., just found for origin of the surname Cockburn)

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Dr. Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn, the Scottish way) is an internationally renowned project witchdoctor and IT strategist, best known for

Recent interests:

Alistair at Ponyfish Island Melbourne 2013.png Deception is a word (discussion: Re: Deception is a word) (poem) Ri 0.gif My recent (only) Ri (discussion: Re: Shu Ha Ri) tattoo Knowledge acquisition curve.png Disciplined Learning (discussion: Re: Disciplined Learning)
Hexagonal architecture basic.gif Hexagonal architecture (discussion: Re: Hexagonal architecture) being read and referenced (eg here, here, and here). Alistair in mountains 2013-07.png Me pi as pm magic number.png The magic of pi for project managers (discussion: Re: The magic of pi for project managers)

Only e.e.cummings is mindmap.png The poem “Only e.e.cummings is

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An alternate photo of me:

Alistair at Agileee Kiev 2011.png

Alistair photo 2003 PhD small 050.png

A Goal (1) pictorial.jpg
The poem A Goal (1) (discussion: Re: A Goal (1)) in pictorial format.

“Computers must support the way in which people naturally and comfortably work. This is needed both for personal job satisfaction and for corporate survival. I care about whether the team is thriving, and whether the software is being delivered. Keeping the people trained and the process light are key to both.” (written in 1991, still applicable)

Other videos:


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